Commercial Door Hardware

Commercial door hardware items are a vital component of any commercial construction project. The right hardware makes doors function properly, secures the premises, and provides safety features. 

S.A. Morman offers the full selection of commercial door hardware from top-quality manufacturers. By sourcing your door hardware with S.A. Morman, you receive assurance of durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal.

S.A. Morman provides commercial doors of all types and all available door hardware. No matter what doors you select-interior, exterior, wood, metal-you want to know that your hardware choices consist of the best products on the market. 

In addition, you want a wide variety of hardware so that you can obtain the optimal functionality. That’s why S.A. Morman’s catalog contains every variety of door hardware, and more.

  • Locksets
  • Closers
  • Exit Devices
  • Standard Hinges
  • Continuous Hinges
  • Pivots
  • Cylinders / Keys
  • Overhead Stops
  • Kick Plates
  • Weatherstrip Materials
  • Thresholds
  • Electronic Hardware

Commercial Door Hardware

The Importance of Quality Materials

When you source door hardware, it’s important to procure parts that offer durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Durable door hardware stands up to hard daily use. Quality materials ensure the hardware is up to the challenge.

Quality materials also result in long-lasting parts. For example, flimsy door hardware breaks down quickly, leaving you with the inconvenience of malfunctioning doors and the expense of replacing hardware too soon. 

You also need your commercial doors to look great. Aesthetics are part of your company’s image. High-quality materials look strong, durable, and attractive, showing that your company is a professional organization. Because S.A. Morman prides itself on customer satisfaction, we sell only high-quality door hardware for commercial application.


S.A. Morman serves as your Western Michigan source for all types of commercial locks. With such a wide variety available, we can ensure that your commercial building is outfit with the proper locks in any size, style, or amount.

Our lockset experts help clients choose between all types of locksets, including the following:

  • Cylindrical Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Electronic Keyless Locks
  • Lock Parts and Accessories

Click here to inquire about locksets and let our representatives do the sourcing for you!

Door Closers

Many commercial doors need to close automatically, especially exterior access doors and fire-rated  doors. Door closers provide security and safety by preventing entries from being left open.

Door closers are mechanical spring and pinion devices that use hydraulics to shut doors and employ delayed action devices to prevent them from slamming shut. The type of door closer and the installation method depend on the application. S.A. Morman offers ADA compliant and fire-rated closers.

S.A. Morman offers all types of door closers:

  • Regular (pull) Arm
  • Parallel (push) Arm
  • Tri-Packed Door Closers
  • Surface Mounted
  • Concealed
  • Floor Closers

Exit Devices

Commercial spaces must provide free egress (ability to exit at all times) because of the potential for emergency evacuations. As a result, exit devices are a common sight in commercial buildings. In addition, the devices’ easy functionality and durability make it ideal for high-traffic areas, such as office buildings, universities, and public venues.

S.A. Morman provides devices that offer security, safety, and longevity:

  • Crash Bars (AKA Panic Bars, Panic Devices, Push Bars)
  • Latch Retraction Devices
  • Push Pad

Standard Hinges

When it comes to hinges, you want products that last! No one wants flimsy hinges that need replacement in a few years. But, on the other hand, when you have well-constructed hinges installed, you can set and forget!

When you need a standard butt hinge, S.A. Morman’s consultants can help you select the one with the mechanical function and durability you need. We can source all types of butt hinges that work for interior and exterior applications.

Continuous Hinges

Continuous hinges span a door’s length. Because of this, the door’s weight distributes evenly across the hinge, reducing wear and tear and enhancing longevity. As a result, continuous hinges offer an excellent choice for high traffic doors subject to heavy use and abuse.  We can source all types of continuous hinges:

  • Full Mortise
  • Full Surface
  • Half Mortise
  • Half Surface

Pivot Hinges

Commercial pivot doors swing without the regular frame hinges. They instead use pivot hinges, which are mounted on the door’s top and bottom. S.A. Morman offers standard, heavy-duty, and specialty types.

Cylinders and Keys

Commercial pivot doors swing without the regular frame hinges. They instead use pivot hinges, which are mounted on the door’s top and bottom. S.A. Morman offers standard, heavy-duty, and specialty types.

Door Stops

Overhead door stops prevent commercial doors from opening too widely and damaging walls, furniture, or other valuable objects. S.A. Morman offers both surface-mounted and concealed varieties.

Kick Plates

No one likes to see scratches, scuffing, and dents on their commercial doors.. Kick plates keep your doors shiny and new. In addition, kick plates keep the bottoms of your doors from being slowly worn down by traffic.

S.A. Morman offers many finishes and sizes. In addition, our sales consultants can provide you with kick plates to fit any door, whether exterior or interior. In addition to ensuring that your doors last for many years, many kick plates also add aesthetic appeal.  S.A. Morman can even provide custom push plates with your logo engraved in them.

Thresholds, Sweeps, and Weatherstrips

Thresholds, Sweeps, and Weatherstrips help insulate against weather, moisture and smooth the transition between uneven floors for wheelchair (ADA) access. These accessories can help keep unwanted and sometimes dangerous elements out of your business.

S.A. Morman offers easy-to-install options for exterior and interior doors, which can be attached with adhesives or screws. These devices come in several finishes, including black, brown, gray, and white. Many different materials, including aluminum, are also available.

Electronic Hardware

Access control is always essential for security and safety. Many types of commercial door hardware augment access control systems. For example, locksets can include PIN pads or keycard readers. 

Electronic door hardware can work as a standalone security device for one access point or as part of a network. For example, keycards are programmable to access multiple doors, and you can restrict access to specific areas based on roles within an organization.

Learn more about the full service Access Control Systems that we help design, install, program, and maintain.

S.A. Morman Commercial Door Hardware Is Always High-Quality

S.A. Morman offers door hardware to suit all types of businesses. High-quality parts provide durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, which is why they are the only ones S.A. Morman sells. 

To find the ideal door hardware choices for your next project, contact S.A. Morman today.


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