Commercial Access Control Systems

Commercial Access Control Systems

S.A. Morman’s electrified security systems provide end-to-end safety, security, and transparency throughout your space. We partner with top-rated manufacturers to supply you with top-of-the-line products for your security needs. Our access control systems provide a wide range of functionality and security options that can be customized to meet your specific needs. The right security measures can make sure that the premises is effectively secured and monitored. By ensuring that proper authentication is required to pass through entry points, you can better protect both staff and guests alike.

We supply and install security system control panels and software used to control access rights in a given space. Access can be controlled through scheduled opening times or variable credentials such as card readers, smart cards, key fobs and biometric readers that can discern specified degrees of access privileges. Our systems are designed and installed to meet your specific electronic or physical access requirements.

Precautions such as electromagnetic locks, audit trails, and credential readers are proven to decrease unauthorized access. The level of security and permissions at each of your access points are customizable and can include a variety of useful tools. Our experts can help you find the appropriate level of control for your property. Located in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, we are the premier commercial security provider in Western Michigan. 

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Types of Access Control

Today’s technology offers companies both on-premise and cloud-based access control solutions. On-premise systems run off of a local server administered by the company. While on-premise systems provide vital access control security, they lack several benefits of cloud-based systems.

Cloud-Based Advantages

Cloud-based access control simply means that the server is hosted offsite by the security company. Because of this, administrators can access the system from any location with online connectivity. Cloud-based access control provides enormous convenience for those who manage several sites.

Mobile or Smartphone Advantages

Smartphone access control systems work in a similar way to email. Managers download the app, enter their credentials, and can grant access or deny it from their phones. Phones can also be used as keys to a secure area through interaction with Bluetooth technology or a near-field communications reader.

IoT-Based Advantages

Internet of Things-based (IoT) access control connects all access points to the internet. It also includes firmware, which can be updated for security reasons or to add new features.

Benefits of an Access Control System

Increase Ease of Access for Employees

This technology allows businesses to grant entry permissions to individuals and can automatically manage an audit trail at that specific entrance point. This allows employees ease of access through a number of methods, such as key card access systems, PINs, fingerprints, or facial recognition. The audit trail holds individuals with permissions accountable and can act as a digital ledger to refer back to if needed. 

No Traditional Keys to Worry About

Traditional keys can come with some negatives. Because large buildings have many locks, employees with broad access need to carry a large number of keys. In addition, lost keys present a security threat and can be expensive to replace. For example, if an employee leaves the company without turning in his or her keys, the company would need to pay for a locksmith to change the locks or risk a security breach. By simply revoking their access card digitally, the process can be instantaneous and hassle-free.

Saves Money on Security

Without an electronic access control system, your company may need to bear the expense of security personnel. By installing a door access control system, companies can keep dangerous individuals out of their facilities without the need for an extensive security force. This can be bolstered even further by adding in some form of intrusion detection as well. Commercial access systems serve a vital function for all types of businesses. Whether you run a retail store, office complex, or industrial facility, you need cutting-edge security systems that include access control.

Electrified Hardware

Electrified hardware is the foundation of a commercial access control system. Each system and control panel can be custom fitted to include your desired means of physical access or electronic access, including keypads, key fobs, key cards, video surveillance, and more. Whether you already use a traditional access control system or are looking to install a new system entirely, we specialize in providing and installing all of the necessary components to fit your security needs. Our electrified hardware products include…

Electric Strikes • Magnetic Locks • Electrified Exit Devices • Keypads • Key Cards • Wireless Door Locks • Fully Integrated Locks • Door Contacts • Biometrics • Mobile Access • Facial Recognition • Power Supplies • and more.

Temperature Scanning Kiosks

The COVD-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief the importance of stopping the spread of illnesses. S.A. Morman offers temperature scanning kiosks that monitor body temperatures in a non-invasive process. If a visitor or employee has an elevated temperature, the kiosk will record the reading and can suspend access.

Video Management Systems

We also offer a variety of Video Surveillance options with variable levels of security and operational efficiency including IP cameras, NVR systems, and more. The addition of digital video recorders and storage devices gives you the ability to capture and record valuable footage. Cloud-based cameras offer the ability to view live via a smartphone or computer. No matter the depth of your commercial surveillance needs, from a single security camera to a complex integrated system, we are committed to providing the technology necessary to properly outfit your business.

These surveillance systems can be added to new and existing systems for additional security and transparency. We provide video management software that can be utilized as a standalone system or fully integrated with your access control software. Monitoring with CCTV can lead to increased efficiency on-premises and decrease the chance of loss. Video Surveillance provides greater visibility and control within your space while simultaneously ensuring safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial access control systems require a multitude of components to operate effectively. Each access point requires an electric lock, access credentials for the user, a device that can read the user’s credentials, a power source, and a control panel. All of these pieces work in tandem to create a seamless security system. You can also add in motion sensors, video surveillance, security software, and more.

Each designated entry point is outfitted with an electric door lock that will only open if an individual has the specified security credentials to enter. This could be a key card, key fob, pin code, mobile phone credential, or even facial recognition. Once the user gives the appropriate credentials, the system registers that this individual has been granted access to this location and the electric lock disengages to allow the door or fence to open. A central system maintained by the facility has the power to grant or deny access to individuals as they see fit by adding or removing their permissions electronically.

The security of your business, employees, visitors, and inventory is always of the highest importance. If you already utilize locks within your facility, you understand the importance of access control. Our advanced systems take the security of your facility to the next level by automating permissions, notifying you when there is an incident, cutting down on unwanted busy work, and keeping a detailed log of who has been passing through entry points.

Yes! If you already have surveillance systems, motion sensors, or electric door locks, many access control systems can integrate into your current security infrastructure. Some equipment may need to be upgraded to work properly with the new system, but your functionality should remain the same or even improve.

A card key is embedded with one of many electronic components that act as the key to disengage a lock within a door. These cards usually contain an RFID chip. By being in close proximity with the card reader, the access control system will check to see if the card contains valid permissions to enter the access point. If the user has permissions to enter, the door will automatically unlock. If they do not have valid permissions, the door will remain locked and the system can record the event digitally for security purposes. These cards can be assigned custom levels of access to permit or restrict specific individuals as you see fit.

Yes! Swiping a card or inserting a passcode is just as easy as turning a key. In addition, distributing cards is far cheaper and easier to facilitate than having to cut new keys and collect them when an employee leaves your organization. Access control is meant to make your facility more secure while also making your security efforts much easier to manage.

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