Installation Services

We have the ability to own the job from start-to-finish and provide installation services when required. Our team is trained to take care of the details in the most cost-efficient way based on years of experience.

Full Openings. We’ll remove and replace existing frames, doors and hardware in exterior block walls or interior drywall. Our team fully tests the new opening to ensure it functions as intended.

Replacement Hardware. We’ll replace locks, closers, exit devices or any other hardware.

Automatic Door Openers (ADA). We can install automatic operators and convert manual doors to automatic ADA-compliant entrances.

Toilet Partitions. We’ll install any one of the many brand-name partitions that we carry, ensuring the partitions provide privacy and durability.

Access Control Systems. We’ll install your full access control system, pulling wire to connect your electrified door hardware with system control panels and software.


Attention to detail. Unique services. Product knowledge. Our team is here to make your job easier. Give us a call or send us an email to see how we got our reputation as an industry leader.