S.A. Morman & Co.’s ready-to-hang, pre-assembled offering improves the installation experience at the job site. Hardware is installed on the door in our warehouse to save time and money, reduce the number of job site errors and reduce job site waste.

Our goal is to improve the customer experience by completing the installation for you before the material arrives to the job site – simplifying the installation process one piece of hardware at a time.

Download more information on our Ready-To-Hang service here.

Save Time & Money

Doors are delivered to the job site with hardware installed. When received, you only need to position the door in the opening, screw the hinges & closer arm to the frame and the door is ready for use. This saves you labor hours and reduces your costs.

Quality Control

All hardware is inspected and tested during the installation process at our warehouse. S.A. Morman & Co. ensures doors are ordered with the correct preps, confirms the appropriate hardware has been received and tests each piece of hardware to ensure proper functionality. Our team identifies missing components prior to delivery, leading to fewer headaches for you.

Reduce Job Site Waste

S.A. Morman & Co. unpackages each piece of hardware and disposes of the packaging waste for you. Doors are palletized, separated by foam blocks and secured with shrink wrap to ensure they are not damaged during transit.


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