Keying Services

Keying Services

S.A. Morman provides Western Michigan businesses with commercial keying services that keep your building secure while offering convenience and excellent customer service to business owners and employees. S.A. Morman delivers all commercial key services, including the following:

Standard commercial door locks High-security key systems Key copying services Installation Lock rekeying Lock-out service Key cutting Key cards Code systems Biometric systems

Whether you own a small business or large enterprise with many locations, we can provide the professional commercial key services you need. Door locks are the first line of defense against property damage, illegal entries, and thefts. Our highly trained and skilled technicians install systems that prevent lock picking, lock bumping, and bypass techniques, so you can rest assured your business is protected 24/7.

When you need the following commercial key services in
Western Michigan, call S.A. Morman

New Property, New Locks

Relying on old locks for a newly acquired facility can be a costly mistake. Many unaccounted-for keys may remain in circulation and fall into the wrong hands. Also, older lock systems may be out of date, leaving them vulnerable to skilled intruders. We also provide copy proof locks, so the wrong people cannot make copies without your knowledge.

Replacement or Additional Keys Are Needed

In a busy workplace, misplaced keys are inevitable. If you or an employee loses a key, S.A. Morman’s professional locksmiths can replace it right away, as well as providing new keys for recently onboarded employees.

Door Lock Re-keys

Employee turnover may lead to missing keys, or a lost key may be found by an opportunist looking for a quick score. We can rekey your locks in no time at a cost much cheaper than damaged property or stolen inventory and equipment.

Replacement of Damaged or Worn Door Locks

Worn out locks present a security hazard. Locks damaged in an attempted break-in signal your property is vulnerable. Replacing damaged or broken locks enhances your security system and sends the message that your building is a hard target.

Master Keys Are Needed for Multiple Areas 

As a business owner, you want to segment which employees have access to which areas. Production workers should only access their area, while office workers should only have keys to their departments’ offices. However, as a business owner, you need a master key, which allows you quick access to any part of the business in case of emergencies.

Types of Key Systems Serviced

S.A. Morman has access to almost every key system available from all of the major manufacturers.  We can provide simple and patented key system technologies. Whether you’re looking for a Medeco or Primus system, we have it all.

No business owner wants to take a chance on a security breach. The consequences are too expensive, including property damage, stolen equipment and inventory, increased insurance rates, and a loss in stakeholders’ faith in your company’s ability to secure valuables.

S.A. Morman provides state-of-the-art locksmith services for all types of businesses. Commercial key service is our specialty. If you need locks serviced or replaced or key replacements in Western Michigan, call S.A. Morman today.


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